Thursday, 28 May 2009

Flowers - Painted Photographic Prints

I began my freelance career making large photographic colour prints of flowers and painting on to them with oils, sometimes I stitched onto the surface with a sewing machine. I hadn't seen any other photographic work that had stitched surfaces and I thought it was an interesting idea. It added another dynamic and gave the pieces a different quality. I gained a lot of early success with card and poster publishers with these images and I think it was because the idea was unusual and original.
I still make photographic pieces and continue to add other elements using collage and painting to experiment and explore. I am always drawn to flowers and still life objects. I like very simple arrangements. My main focus is always the differing qualities of natural light and of colour.
In my Etsy shop I sell prints and posters but I also have some original pieces for sale. This is the only venue for buying my originals as I rarely sell them on.
One day I would like to do a book of my flower images integrated with some of my landscapes of Norfolk. I am always recording . I have a plan chest crammed with prints and experiments that I would like to do something with............

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  1. Thank you so much for your comments on my artwork! You are extremely talented, I especially love your flowers!