Friday, 5 March 2010

Art in schools.....

I've been working in schools quite a lot lately as an 'artist for learning'. I really enjoy working with children and I love the uninhibited flow of their creativity, its really inspiring to challenge their ideas and imaginations and see what they can produce.Over the past two weeks I've been working on a project looking at Indian elephants in a very decorative way and helping children make 'paper batiks' - oil pastels and dyes on paper.
Our main influence has been looking at Indian embroideries and we've added collage elements using wallpapers and fabrics and foils to mimic 'shisha mirrors' etc. The artwork they have produced is so individual and unique with lovely colours from the dyes. I have a separate blog for my Art workshops with children but I wanted to post some of the work here because its so beautiful. the children who made the work are aged 5 - 10 years.

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