Tuesday, 16 March 2010

My favourite time of year....

I love this time of year as colour starts to emerge once more after a long, cold winter. Much as I love the bleakness and the bare beauty of winter and the effect it has on the landscape, I like it more as the first flowers emerge in the garden and the flower stalls fill up with candy coloured treats. I have felt much more inspired with my camera lately than I have done for ages. On my table in my studio I have a cream coloured jug full of the palest pink tulips and gerberas, they are so delicate they look like they are made from paper. All week I have watched them through my camera and recorded them in changing light at different times of the day. I feel like I am dissecting them with my eyes but constantly finding more to see and record as they change. The garden is an even greater distraction, Snowdrops this year are just everywhere and must be one of my favourite flowers to take picture of, they have such a beautiful and delicate shape.

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